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Jewelry Soldering

Make your broken jewelry whole again with our jewelry soldering services


Jewelry Soldering Services

Make your broken jewelry whole again with our jewelry soldering services

Broken Jewelry Doesn’t Have to Be Permanent

Your treasured jewelry pieces are more than just ornaments adorned with precious stones and metals. They’re tangible embodiments of cherished memories and meaningful sentiments.

While the thought of them breaking can be heart wrenching, such damages don’t have to be permanent.

At Kosmima Fine Jewelry, our master jewelers can solder broken jewelry together, so both appearances and sentiments are preserved.

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Jewelry Soldering FAQs

Jewelry soldering is a technique used to join two or more pieces of jewelry together. This method involves the use of a soldering torch and solder to create a strong and lasting bond between pieces.

Central to the success of this technique is the choice of the appropriate solder. With a variety of alloys and mixtures available, different solders possess distinct melting points and characteristics that must be matched to the specific jewelry project at hand.

Moreover, precision and expertise are also paramount to ensure a seamless finish. A well executed soldering job should ensure that the jewelry retains both its structural integrity and appearance.

At Kosmima Fine Jewelry, our team has over 40 years worth of soldering experience. With us, you can expect the finest workmanship and professionalism in bringing your broken pieces together.

Most types of broken jewelry pieces can be soldered back together. The success and feasibility of the repair though, does depend on the project in question. Factors such as the type of metal and the design play crucial roles in determining the repair approach. Here are some common soldering projects we handle at our showroom:

Necklaces and Chains: Soldering is used to rejoin broken links, and is a technique that’s also used in lengthening or shortening chains.
Rings: If the ring’s shank becomes chipped or has a break, soldering can bring it back to its original shape. For resizing projects, soldering is used to join the cuts made in the band, in either sizing up or down.
Bracelets: Like with necklaces and chains, if the bracelet has broken links, we can solder them back together. If the piece has a broken clasp, soldering a replacement on can be done as well.
Earrings: Earring back conversions and repairs are some common solder projects done with earrings.

If you’re unsure about what can be done to solder your broken jewelry, we invite you to get in touch with us or visit us at our showroom for a complimentary consultation.

When soldering broken jewelry, the aim is always a seamless repair. The presence or absence of visible marks in the final finish is influenced by several factors, including:

Metal Type:
An essential consideration is the type of metal from which the jewelry is made. Gold and silver, with their malleability and compatibility with a variety of solder materials, usually allow for smoother repairs. In contrast, metals like titanium, with their high melting points, pose challenges in achieving a seamless bond with most solder materials.

Nature of the Break:
The kind of break is also pivotal. A clean break in a straightforward section might be simpler to mend discreetly. However, breaks in detailed designs or at connection points require more intricate attention and expertise.

Before beginning any soldering project, our team will guide you on what to expect in terms of the final finish.

Most jewelry soldering projects can be done within a few days, if not sooner. For a more accurate estimate on lead times, we invite you to get in touch with our team or visit us at our Chestnut Hills location.

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