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Prong Retipping & Rebuilds

Your precious gemstones deserve the utmost care. Make sure they’re safely secured on your jewelry with our prong retipping services.


Prong Retipping & Rebuilds

Your precious gemstones deserve the utmost care. Make sure they’re safely secured on your jewelry with our prong retipping services.

Prong Repair Services: Protect your precious stones and keep your jewelry looking at its best

At Kosmima, we know that gemstones often take the center stage in your most cherished jewelry pieces.

As precious as they are, they not only carry sentimental memories but can also possess significant value.

With their importance, it’s crucial to ensure that your gemstones are securely set and that the prongs holding them are in optimal condition. With damaged prongs, gemstones can be damaged, or even worse, fall off your piece and become lost altogether.

From our 30 plus years of experience as expert jewelry craftsmen, we possess in-depth knowledge of gemstones and their placement in various settings.

If you notice any wear or damage to your jewelry’s prongs, please bring the piece in for a complimentary consultation. Let us help you repair the parts that hold your gemstones in place, so you can have the peace of mind knowing they’re secure once again.

Different types of prongs
Our Jewelers can help repair or rebuild prongs of any type

What our Clients are Saying

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I can’t express how amazing Pano and Cathi were with helping me find an engagement ring. They walked me through the entire process with care and patience. I ended up learning a lot, actually! They also managed to get everything done in a short amount time and for that I’ll always be grateful. My fiancé gets a lot of compliments too. Please consider paying them a visit for your jewelry needs!
Kara Brickman
Kara Brickman
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Pano did such a lovely job on our wedding bands. They are exactly what we wanted and we plan to go back to him for other pieces in the future. Pano and Cathy are simply lovely people who are a pleasure to do business with.
Kassi Stein
Kassi Stein
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Pano beautifully restored a ring passed down to me that has a lot of sentimental value. It may not be worth much money but it's worth a lot to me, and he did an amazing job restoring the prongs that had worn away. Kathy helped me to find a cross for an upcoming baptism, one that would suit a Greek Orthodox ceremony. Working with them was such a pleasure and I will be back whenever I need anything fine jewelry related!

Gemstone Replacement FAQ

Prongs are the small metal arms that hold your gemstones securely in place on your jewelry. They can come in a variety of types and styles, adding important aesthetic accents to a jewelry piece.

Through wear and tear, over time the tip of a prong can become compromised structurally, leading to a weakened grip on the gemstone it holds in place. To retip a prong means to add fresh metal to the prong’s tip to restore its ability to hold the gemstone securely in place.

Prongs that are broken altogether cannot be retipped. In these circumstances, we would replace/rebuild the broken prongs on your jewelry.

Settings in jewelry refer to the method by which a gemstone is held in place on a piece of jewelry. There are various types of settings available, such as channel, pave, and illusion settings.

A Prong Setting is a style of setting that uses prongs to securely hold a gemstone in place. This setting is especially popular in engagement rings, as it allows maximum light to enter the gemstone, resulting in an exceptional level of brilliance and radiance.

Yes, while the function remains the same, there are a wide variety of prong types that exist. To name a few, there are:

Round Prongs: This type is the most popular. For these prongs, the tips are essentially circular stubs. When viewed from above, they appear as tiny dots. 

Claw Prongs: Another popular type, claw prongs have “sharp tips”, that look like claws when holding a gemstone. The tips of these prongs typically cover less surface area over the gemstone they hold, so they’re great for highlighting the gemstone of a piece and maximizing the amount of light that enters it

Flat Prongs: These prongs are flat shaped and linear. Given their dimensions, they’re generally used for square or rectangular shaped stones since they can fit snugly against the surface. 

V Prongs: As the name suggests, these prongs are “V” shaped, and are typically used in settings that make use of gem shapes that have “Vs” in them – marquise, pear, or princess shapes. 

At Kosmima, we can retip and repair all different styles of prongs. If you’re unsure about what can be done to repair your particular piece, we invite you to our local showroom in Brookline for a complimentary consultation. 

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