Jewelry Engraving Services

Add a personalized touch to your most treasured pieces. 


Jewelry Engraving

Add a personalized touch to your most treasured pieces. 

Jewelry Engraving: A Spark of Sentiment

Your jewelry is more than just a fashion statement – it’s a personal one.

If you’re looking to add that personal spark to your jewelry, engraving is a great way to personalize your most sentimental treasures.

Whether you’re looking to add the raw charm given by a hand engraving, or want to get something inscribed with the clean, finished look of a machine engraving, Kosmima is proud to offer engraving services that can make your pieces truly special.

What’s the difference between hand engraving and machine engraving?

Hand and machine engraving are two different methods of engraving that make use of distinct techniques and tools. Both methods can be used to inscribe dates, names, and designs onto a given piece of jewelry. Both methods produce aesthetics that are radically different from each other.

Hand Engraving

As its name suggests, with hand engraving, a skilled artisan painstakingly inscribes an engraving into your jewelry with a variety of handheld tools. This human touch ensures that each etch is unique in both depth and width, cementing the individuality of your personal engraving. Importantly, our services also extend to hand engraving family crests, providing a means of incorporating a cherished symbol of heritage and identity into your piece.

Be advised, this method is more time-consuming and generally more costly than machine engraving. Despite this, the irreplaceable character of a hand-crafted engraving continues to make it a popular service. It’s highly sought after by those desiring to add a distinct and personal touch to their jewelry.


Machine Engraving

Unlike hand engraving which relies on manual tools, machine engraving utilizes a mechanized rotary tool to create inscriptions. This tool rotates at extremely high speeds to etch the designs onto the surface of the piece. The depth, width, and speed can all be precisely controlled, which means that the engraving itself can follow a set of clear specifications. 

Machine engraving is an excellent option if you’re looking for a clean aesthetic – or if you

want your design specifications to be met exactly. Because the process is faster, and requires less skill, it generally is cheaper than hand engraving.


What our Clients are Saying

Jewelry Engraving FAQ

We can engrave all types of jewelry as long as there is enough space on the surface.

Popular pieces that clients bring in to be engraved are wedding rings, engagement rings, pendants, and bracelets. We can engrave any personal treasure. If you’re unsure if your piece can be engraved on, please contact us or visit our showroom, and we will be glad to help.

You can get dates, names, quotes, and even designs engraved onto your jewelry.

Some popular ideas are getting a special date inscribed onto the inner side of your ring, or having a quote engraved onto a pendant. Small little inscriptions like these are a great way to personalize your piece without changing the aesthetic that you initially fell in love with.

If you’re thinking of a way to enhance and personalize the look of your piece altogether, you can add intricate designs onto your jewelry with our hand engraving services.

For more inspiration, feel free to visit our local studio in Brookline, MA, for a complimentary consultation.

It’s hard to give an estimation of the timeframe it takes to get an engraving done, since every job is different and our bench capacity can vary.

For an estimation of a timeline, please get in contact with us. If you have a deadline, it’s best to get in touch with us at least a few weeks in advance prior to the date.

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