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Professional Jewelry Cleaning Services

Restore your Jewelry’s original Shine with our Professional Jewelry Cleaning Services. 


Professional Jewelry Cleaning Services

Restore your Jewelry’s original Shine with our Professional Jewelry Cleaning Services. 

Your Jewelry Deserves to Shine

To keep your jewelry looking at its best, regular cleaning and care are essential. Over time, foreign debris and oils from daily wear can make even the most radiant pieces dull. 

Let us help you clean your jewelry to restore its original shine, so you can love wearing it again. 


One white gold ring rests against a black surface. The band of the ring features a spiral pattern, adorned with diamonds and a mounted pear-shaped single cut diamond surrounded by small diamonds.

What our Clients are Saying

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I can’t express how amazing Pano and Cathi were with helping me find an engagement ring. They walked me through the entire process with care and patience. I ended up learning a lot, actually! They also managed to get everything done in a short amount time and for that I’ll always be grateful. My fiancé gets a lot of compliments too. Please consider paying them a visit for your jewelry needs!
Kara Brickman
Kara Brickman
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Pano did such a lovely job on our wedding bands. They are exactly what we wanted and we plan to go back to him for other pieces in the future. Pano and Cathy are simply lovely people who are a pleasure to do business with.
Kassi Stein
Kassi Stein
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Pano beautifully restored a ring passed down to me that has a lot of sentimental value. It may not be worth much money but it's worth a lot to me, and he did an amazing job restoring the prongs that had worn away. Kathy helped me to find a cross for an upcoming baptism, one that would suit a Greek Orthodox ceremony. Working with them was such a pleasure and I will be back whenever I need anything fine jewelry related!

Jewelry Cleaning FAQ

To ensure that your jewelry receives the best maintenance and care, at Kosmima our cleaning process involves three parts: inspection, cleaning, and polishing.

Prior to any jewelry cleaning project, we ensure to inspect your jewelry for any outstanding repairs that may need to be done. You’d be surprised how many times a client brings in a ring to have cleaned, only for us to find that the setting has become loose.

A proper inspection – typically with a loupe – prior to any cleaning ensures not only will we remove all the dirt and grime present, but also finds any problem with your jewelry that may become more serious down the road.

After the inspection, the cleaning process can begin. This step can differ depending on what needs to be cleaned and by how much, but usually it involves Ultrasonic Cleaning and sometimes cleaning with specialized tools, such as a jewelry brush. Once the piece in question has been cleaned, we then polish it, and then once again clean it to get all the polish chemicals off. As a final step, we then place the piece through steam cleaning to ensure a professional finish.

As with any project we undertake, our team will ensure to let you know what to expect prior to your piece’s cleaning. Also note, if we find any problems that need to be repaired during our inspection step, we will let you know before we take any further action on our end.

We can get most pieces professionally cleaned within a few days, if not sooner.

You can absolutely clean your jewelry at home. One thing to keep in mind though, is that the end product of a DIY job comes nowhere nearly as close as a professional clean. That, and sometimes without proper knowledge, it’s possible that one can actually damage their jewelry at home while cleaning it.

Since jewelry is an investment, we highly recommend bringing your most valued pieces in to have them cleaned professionally. Not only will it look better than doing it yourself, but a thorough inspection will also be done on the piece to determine if there are any outstanding repairs that need to be done.

How often a piece should be professionally cleaned depends on the actual piece, and also how often it’s worn. 

For pieces that are worn only on special occasions, it’s only natural to have them cleaned as needed. 

For a highly valuable piece that’s worn daily, like an engagement ring, it’s recommended that they be cleaned at least twice a year. Keep in mind that this recommended frequency isn’t only made in order to keep your piece looking at its best, but also to ensure that it’s periodically inspected for any potential damages. 


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